What Is The Best SEO Tool 2023

What Is The Best SEO Tool

Google is the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool because only Google can help you to rank your post on the first page of Google. You should know the proper way to search your quire and have a basic idea of SEO. After that, Google will provide the information and you have to realize the result. Imply the tricks in your article.

What Is The Best SEO Tool

Things To Keep In Mind While Using Google

Remember some essential points in your mind while using Google.

  • Basic usage of Google
  • How to find out untouched keyword
  • Long tail or short keyword
  • Writing SEO-friendly content
  • On-page, off the page and technical search engine optimization
  • How to bring your post to the first page


How do you use Google as an SEO tool?

You can use Google as an SEO tool in many ways. Actually, it depends on how you use it and your creative mind.

You can use it

  • To find out a good keyword
  • To write title
  • To select some tags
  • To write a meta description
  • To make an idea about your post by reading similar many posts
  • To design good images


How to find untouched keyword

It is not very hard to find out the untouched keyword. Just type your keyword in the search engine and the result will come out. If you get the appropriate answer in Google’s featured snippets. Then your keyword is the touched keyword. You should not write an article on this keyword.

For example, if I search the keyword “is Google always right” and I have got the right answer.

What Is The Best SEO Tool

For the next example, if I search the keyword “should we trust google translate” and then I have not got the right answer.

What Is The Best SEO Tool


So it is an untouched keyword. You should write a post on this keyword because the information is not in Google. If you write a post on it, there is a high chance of ranking the article on the search engines.

How to rank in Google

First of all, write a post that will be question-type. The reader easily finds the correct answer to the question. Then Google will think the post is informative. The informative post always ranks in Google within a few days.  

After publishing the post, never miss indexing the post in the search console. As your website is new, Google will take a lot of time to find your website. If you index your site in the search console, it will know very soon that you are publishing the article. There will be a good chance to rank the post.


Complete Basic SEO

Basic SEO is three types Off Page, On Page & Technical SEO. If you have any knowledge on those points, it is good for you and helps you to rank your website in a short time.

On-Page SEO

There are three things you need to do on-page SEO

  1. Content with images
  2. Target keyword
  3. Free or Paid plugin

You should always write unique content. Copy content is not ranked in Google. Unique content means the reader satisfaction content. For example, a reader or visitor comes to your website and reads an article and gets the information. After that, he trusts and satisfies with the post.

Your content words should be within 1500-1800 words. In the content, you should use attractive images that clear the vision of your article. You can use free image-taking from Google. Besides it, you can create images using free websites like Canva, pixlr and so on.

I will always recommend you create a new picture because a new picture can rank in Google very soon.

You have to use a free plugin in your WordPress website. The plugin will help you to complete the checklist of on-page SEO. You can use Rankmath, Yoast SEO, AIOSeo and so on.

You can use a tool to find out the keyword. There are many free tools and extensions like google keyword planner, whatsmyserp, ubbersuggest, keyword everywhere,

Technical SEO refers to website and server optimizations that help search engine spiders crawl and index your site more effectively.

Use Keywords in the Proper Way

Use your keywords in the title, H1, H2, Meta description and URL. Remember that your website needs to be user-friendly. Don’t use keywords frequently on the page that you want to rank on the first page of Google. This technique worked in the past. Nowadays it is spam and it harms the page ranking.

Use Quality Links

Now you should use quality links in your post. It would be valuable to the readers and get more information. There are three types of links

  • Internal Links: The first is internal links. When you will link your other pages in a post, it is called an internal link. This method will help google to understand the matter of your pages and website.


  • Outbound Links: The second is outbound links or external links. It is significant for a new website. When you want to prove anything or give extra information about anything you have to use others website or posts links. If Google sees you linking authorities resources on the web pages, it trusts your website and there is a chance to rank.


  • Back Link: The third is backlinks. What is the backlink? For example, you are selling something. One customer came to your shop and bought an item. You told the customer to send him to my shop if he is interested in buying something. It is backlinks. In the same way, you can collaborate your website with another high-quality website.

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Why should you trust only me?

Now the question in your mind is why will you trust me?  The answer to the question is simply that I am a blogger. I have been working in this field for several years. On the other hand, I have ranked many posts or articles on the first page of Google. Now you are reading the article that is the proof. Besides you can check it in Google. First, go to the Google search engine and type the keyword “What is the best SEO tool”. Our post will appear as a result of the search.

I hope you have understood What Is The Best SEO Tool. It is totally dependable to you whether you believe it or not.


After completing the above point, you should share the post in your Facebook page, group, WhatsApp group, telegram group, and other social media from where the organic visitors must come to your site. Besides these, there is another good option to rank the post within seven days. You should have a youtube channel with 5000 active subscribers. Make a video on the topic that you want to rank on Google and submit the post link or recommend the audience to search for the unique keyword and read the post. That is all.

After a few days, you will get the result.


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